Hitting Program

Hitting is the most controversial aspect of baseball instruction. The two main schools of thought are “Linear Hitting” and “Rotational Hitting”.  As with everything we do at Own The Plate, our method of instruction is based on the science of movement.  It’s our philosophy that hitting is neither “Linear Hitting” nor “Rotational Hitting”. It is a combination of both!

Baseball at its core is a sport of rotational movements. To hit, you have to create a separation of the hips and shoulders and thus rotation is created. The greater the separation, the greater the power. Before any rotation occurs however, the hips must make a linear movement towards the pitchers (the stride). Proper hitting mechanics also promote extension through the baseball after contact.  Extension is a linear movement along the angle of the pitch. As a result we define hitting in the following manner


At Own The Plate, our hitters will focus on being balanced, being explosive through the hitting zone and following the proper bat path. Our hitting lessons will not only cover hitting mechanics but they will also include a portion of core training to improve power and bat speed.

For more information on hitting lessons, please contact Troy Allen via email troy@owntheplate.com or via phone (814) 880-5787