Pitching Program

The foundation of the Own The Plate pitching program is rooted in the teachings of the National Pitching Association and its founder Dr. Tom House www.nationalpitching.com . In addition to Dr. House, our program also has been heavily influenced by Rob Riley and Dan Olds who run the pitching program for one of the top college showcase baseball programs in the country, the Demarini Stars.

Much like our hitting program, The NPA pitching philosophy is based on the science of movement. The biomechanics of an efficient and explosive pitching delivery involve these 8 concepts:

1. Balance and Posture
2. Stride and Momentum
3. Opposite and Equal
4. Hip and Shoulder Separation
5. Stack and Track
6. Swivel and Stablize
7. Release Point
8. Drag Line

These 8 concepts are referred to as the Kinetic Sequencing of Events. Put simply, one has to happen before the other in order to maximize the efficiency of a pitchers delivery.

In addition to learning the proper mechanics, each lesson will include core training to promote explosiveness and arm care to ensure the athlete maintains a healthy arm throughout their season. Each athlete in our pitching program will be taught a pre and post throwing routine as well as how to take command of the plate.

For more information about our pitching program, please contact Troy Allen via email troy@owntheplate.com or via phone (814) 880-5787