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Own The Plate

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At Own The Plate, athletes will recieve the highest level of science based baseball training. Athletes will not only learn the fundamentals of the pro’s but they will also learn how to be mechanically efficient, physically explosive and mentally dominant over their competition.

Skill Development

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We believe skills should be taught in such a way to maximize movement effeciency and explosiveness while at the same time minimalizing the risk of injury.

Athletic Development

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We believe in the long term development of an athlete. There are no short cuts…no magic pill…no quick fixes. Athletic success is achieved through continuous improvement over time and not judged by one’s immediate performance.

Injury Prevention

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Non contact injuries occur as a result of muscle imbalances, lack of flexibility or inadequate mobility of a joint. All of our training programs are designed specifically to address such issues.

Speed and Agility

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An athlete’s multidirectional movement ability is a greater predictor of on the field success as opposed to their linear speed exclusively.