About Us

The Own The Plate Way

Own The Plate and Xplosive Athlete are committed to advancing the careers of aspiring ballplayers.  Our commitment is to provide comprehensive instruction and training to prepare our kids to make the jump the next level.  Be it a jump to Little League All Stars, High School, College, or Professional baseball, our staff has the years of experience at every level necessary to create the environment needed for a student-athlete to advance their careers.  Own The Plate is looking for ballplayers who are driven to improve their games.  That requires a commitment from the players to focus on their individual work, including strength training. We take great pride in the importance of that aspect of our training. The kind of player we are looking for is the kid who needs no pushing to get his work in, but rather the kid who we have to turn the lights out on at night. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to build the athlete physically, train the athlete professionally and the prepare the athlete mentally. We look to build on the strong fundamental skills of the  players to prepare them for advanced competition at the higher levels of the game. Our instructors are constantly educating themselves on the latest research surrounding baseball development in order to ensure our athletes are performing far above their competition

Our Customer Commitment

Own The Plate and Xplosive Athlete are 100% committed to providing our players with all the training and expertise needed to successfully prepare their players for the next level.